About Us

Dear You,


Welcome to UC Natural, an online shop for natural, handmade beauty and body care products. From scrubs to soaps and masks to gels, we’ve used only the best natural ingredients to create a variety of body and hair cosmetic products that provide an amazing care experience!

Our passion inspires us to take a leaf from mother nature’s book and use its natural beauty to create an array of cosmetic products you can use to reconnect with nature, and yourself.


We use only natural and organic materials provided by the earth, like fruits, flowers, minerals, and oils, to create our nourishing, beautiful, and effective body care cosmetics. All our handmade products are made with natural ingredients and scented with truly botanical aromas straight from the earth’s flora.


As we all know, world is changing daily but our goals are and will always remain strong focused on quality, design and customer experience.

Everything we make is designed with YOU in mind, from where we source our inspiration to each of our products’ aesthetic feel.

We work tirelessly to ensure excellence, beauty, and authenticity in every detail.

We hope You see natural with every UC Natural product!